Granville: FIT

G:FIT BOOTCAMP is a brand new and all-inclusive fitness program dedicated to serving the community by emphasizing and teaching the importance of fitness to all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

Based in the bay area community, G:FIT BOOTCAMP is an outdoor training circuit that incorporates modalities like TRX, weights, battleropes, and jump ropes, but the most important piece of equipment is your own body! Focused on taking the guesswork out of training, G:FIT provides a comprehensive program facilitated by none other than Michael Granville himself, with enough strength training, conditioning, and calisthenics to push you past your fitness goals to accomplish things that you never thought your body could do!

Here at G:FIT, you are encouraged to train at a pace to your hearts content. From simply modified to completely amplified, you are not alone in your quest for fitness. This is what separates us from other training programs, but brings together every single member of G:FIT; a common path to fitness. It's simple, G:FIT is for the marathoner as much as it is your daily dog walker. Whether you Crossfit or cross country ski, you FIT! Getting ready for a wedding? Just had a baby? Pre/post-surgery? You FIT! Our program values team building, quality instruction, loyalty and pursuing lifelong wellness habits. YOU fit in to G:FIT.

Gain lifelong relationships as you burn some calories.

Michael Granville

Founder of G:FIT Boot Camp, has 15+ years of experience leading boot camp groups and track practices around the San Francisco bay area.

In May 2015, Michael was named California Interscholastic Federation’s top 100 Athletes of the Century.  This list includes Palo Alto great Jeremy Lin and legends Tom Brady and Allyson Felix. In 1996, Granville set the National High School 800 meter record (1:46.45), a record that still stands today.  Granville went on to become a 2 x NCAA relays champion (1999) and Pac-12 400-meter champion (2000) and 3 x All American for the UCLA Track and Field team. In 2001, Granville continued to train for the Olympics by joining the Stanford Based Nike Farm Team. After retiring from track in 2004, he began to pursue his dream of spreading the word of fun through fitness.

G:FIT Family

Organic and local grown. Michael is married to Marie and raise their two sons, Isaiah and Noah in Redwood City.